Timing is Everything; Astrology is the Key-Book Two

By Weslynn McCallister,
writing as Wes Alstair

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P. 25 Aquarius:

Freedom loving Aquarius, third of the air signs, ruled by Uranus, is the best friend one could have. He is a humanitarian, a philosopher, progressive, unbiased, intuitive and pleasant. A social being, he is considerate, co-operative, has a fine sense of humor, a beautiful voice and musical ability.

He or she may be a radical or a political extremist. He will derive pleasure from shocking others and is likely to have sprained and broken bones, suffer from nerve spasms and impurities of the blood. Though fresh air, water, vegetables and fruit are necessary, fats and greasy foods must be avoided.

Aquarius will choose his mate among the fire and sir signs of Aries, Gemini,, Libra, and Sagittarius. Though he will be attracted to his opposite sign of Leo and may choose his mate from that particular Sun sign, he will never submit or bow down to Leo, who believes he or she is king or queen of the zodiac. A warning to signs desiring Aquarius for their significant other…freedom-loving Aquarius will not tolerate a jealous mate.

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