By Weslynn McCallister,
writing as Jamie Cortland

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From Chapter 1, Page 5

Eddie drove south on A1A from Delray glancing occasionally to the oceanfront homes on his left looking for lawns and young women that appeared to need his brand of TLC. As he slowed down to observe the mansion on his left, a beautiful auburn haired woman who appeared to be in her early thirties opened the massive front door and walked down the curved driveway to the bright red Ferrari. Opening the door, she slid into it, and pulled out of the driveway heading north. Whoever she was, she needed his services. He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel down the road, turned around and drove north again taking down the address of her home, then followed the Ferrari, memorizing the numbers of the license plate.

When he returned to his small rented apartment in Pompano Beach, he turned on his computer. After a thorough search, he discovered that the Giardinis, both partners in JVS Development Company, owned the Ferrari and the home jointly. He watched the home and its two occupants for several days. When the woman left with Mr. Giardini on Friday morning, he followed them to JVSís offices. Several hours later, she left alone to run errands and returned home without her husband. Down the street from her home, he parked in a lot by the intracoastal and waited for her to step out of her home again. It was not long. When she did, he continued tailing her, hoping that she would go to a department store or to the post office so that he could go into the store and catch a closer glimpse of her, maybe bump into her and even speak with her. But that didnít happen. She returned to the office.

He sighed, satisfied. Heíd seen the woman of his dreams and he intended to have her, one way or another.

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